Owner Builder Information

Know the costs before you start.

Most Owner Builders find themselves short on finances before the project is completed. Without having an itemized budget, Owner Builders are often unaware of all of the costs to complete a building project.

With over 14 years of Building Estimating experience Organized Builders has been able to help many clients rescue their dreams from the Building Designer’s rubbish bin and bring them to reality with their owners.

Organized Builders has worked with many Owner Builders, Builders & Developers since 1999 encouraging budget friendly construction. With an endless List of prices & products from your favourite suppliers Organized Builders has everything Owner Builders require to organise their next project.

Organized Builders can supply detailed building estimates, finance costings, specifications, construction sequence templates, supplier lists, recommended trades, construction knowledge and quality Inspections.

Itemized Estimates gives you a clear guide to work from, keeping the costs in control at all times of the construction. Spend too much on one thing will make you save on something else or you will go over your budget. Organized Builders can provide you with a detailed Itemized estimate know as a Bill of Quantities (BOQ) from your plans even sketch designs. A BOQ will provide will provide you with an itemized breakdown of the material and labour costs required to complete the project. A BOQ supplied by Organized Builders will provide a solid medium for Financial Institutions.

Established in 1999 to service the Building industry you can be assured that Organized Builders prides ourselves on the reputation we have built over many years of accurate information for Builders, Developers & Owner Builders. 

Project Management

Do you want to build or renovate and do not know where to start?
Have you engaged a Builder and you want someone to oversee the construction?
Do you want to build it yourself and need a qualified Project Manager?
Do you have plans and want to find a Builder?

Organized Builders has provided Project Management packages for Builders, Owner Builders, Architects and Financial Institutions for over 13 years. From small domestic extensions to detailed large scale commercial projects we can provide a package that is right for you.

Email Info@organizedbuilders.com.au and let one of our team give you a call.

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