Over 2.7% of the average House building cost is in the Electrical work. All electrical work must be performed by a licensed Electrician. Electricians are responsible for all the Power and Light installations and connections. Electricians organise for the power to be connected to the building, temporary construction power and all hard wired electrical appliance installations. Electricians can supply and install Data cabling, Coax TV plugs & Antennas, Smart Wiring, telephone points throughout the building along with all Power and Light requirements. Your local Electrical store can provide you with a list of contractors local to your area. For all your Electrical Suppliers & contractors enquiries contact the following national and regional suppliers. 

Criteria when searching for Electrical Suppliers & contractors

  • Location of supplier / Contractor from job site
  • Products to suit specifications
  • Quality of materials & installations
  • Ability to supply & install products when required
  • Reputation
  • Price
  • OH&S friendly & compliant
  • Qualified employees.
  • Organized Builders recommends the following suppliers for product, service and price


For all your estimating requirements email :

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