Over 7.1% of the average house building cost is in the Metal Roofing if used. Metal Roofing comes in a variety of colors and profiles to suit almost any application. Metal Roofing provides long lasting roof coverage & usually compares quite closely to Concrete Roof Tiles. Metal Roofing is best purchased supplied and fitted by an accredited Metal Roofing Company. Most Metal Roofing companies fit complete Metal Roofs Inc Metal Fascia, Gutters, Downpipes & Valley Irons. Generally Metal Roofing must be fitted by a licensed Roof Plumber. For all your Metal Roof enquiries contact the following national and regional suppliers. 

Criteria when searching for Metal Roofing suppliers & Installers.

  • Location of supplier from job site
  • Delivery vehicles to suit requirements
  • Quality of materials inc Brands
  • Ability to supply to specifications
  • Reputation
  • Price
  • OH&S friendly & compliant
  • Licensed & Insured inc Qualifications

Organized Builders recommends the following suppliers for product, service and price

For over 25 years Johnson Roofing have built a strong and loyal client base with both small to large reputable builders across Melbourne and pride ourselves on being Client focused and we work closely with our suppliers to offer our best pricing combined with our guarantee to use 100%  Steel by BlueScope Steel which when combined with our service & workmanship will ensure a comprehensive package providing second to none;


For all your estimating requirements email :

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