How to use an Building Estimate as your building budget?

Estimations can break down all your costs involved giving you accurate budgeting tool. 

Over 60% of Owner Builders and 7% of builders go over their expected building costs leaving many owner builders to refinace or not completely finish the project. Often Landscaping, Driveways, Blinds and even carpet do not get completed due to insufficient funds.

Building estimates seperate the items required in a building project itemizing individual cost components such as a particualar material or trade labour. Building estimates can be based on supply and fit quotations such as Roof Trusses or calculated for each supplied item and labour such as Pine framing and Frame carpentry labour.

Detailed building estimates allow for almost every item that will be required as a part of the construction and provide an individual price allowed for each item providing you, with an itemized budget. With an itemized building budget you have the price for each item that you will require. If you spend more than the allowance on an item you will know you have to save on something else or you will go over your budget.

Professional experienced estimators will be able to look for potential hidden costs and provide appropriate allowances. Purchase Orders can be completed from an detailed building estimate for most materials and labour leaving only a small number of items for the owner or builder to confirm.


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