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Organized Builders provides the Building Industry with a Building Cost estimating Service. Our experienced team of Estimators can provide accurate estimates, material schedules, detailed labour allowances & signed Bill of Quantities. From sketch plans to Architectural designs with full specifications organized Builders can provide detailed estimates for preliminary budgets to complete purchase order packages ready for the builder to administer. Organized Builders is a certified consultant for Databuild with extensive pricelists to suit Owner Builders, project Builders, small to large Volume Builders. Organized Builders can work with the Builders existing Databuild price files & databases for accurate Purchase Orders. Organized Builders can provide the report in Excel for the Builder to be able to maintain costs as required. With experienced on-site Contract Estimators we can work with the builder in their office Organized Builders can provide all your estimating needs. Established in 1999 to service the Building industry you can be assured that Organized Builders prides ourselves on the reputation we have built over many years of accurate estimates for the Builders we work for. 

How much does a building cost?

It is difficult to give an accurate answer without having all the information required to completely estimate the building. There are many factors that can change the price of a building including location from metropolitan areas, the slope of the land, Wind ratings, Bushfire ratings, Foundation conditions, level of specifications, size and height of building and even underground pipes or trees local to the building.

Why is my house going to cost so much to build?

With over 13 years of Building estimating experience Organized Builders has been able to help many clients rescue their dreams from the draftsmans rubbish bin and bring them to reality with their builders. Many Architects and building designers are not aware of the costs to build certain items & often include items such as large picture windows, special external claddings & canter-levered structures which may cost far more than expected. Sometimes the clients have a list of items that their designer is requested to add to the design that may result in increasing the building costs. 


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