How accurate is building estimating?

Building estimating is based on the information available to the estimator at the time of estimating, e.g. working drawings, engineering specifications, building contract, colour selections, energy reports, soil reports etc. The more information available at the time of estimation the more accurate the estimate will be. 

Construction projects require many trades, suppliers and manufacturers. Accurate building estimating can only be acheived through experience. Experienced building estimators will know what to allow for and foresee issues or items that could result in additonal costs that inexperienced estimators may not allow for. Building estimators often neglect to allow for items that may not be on the plans but will be required. I.E. – Allowing for sump pumps and man hours to remove water from trenches & basements or allowing extra concrete for footings that are to be excavated in dry sandy soils.

Organized Builders produces over 600 accurate building cost estimates per year with projects ranging from $15,000 to $7+Million dollars and vary from Carports to 5 storey appartment blocks to commercial education buildings.


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