How to choose the correct template

Template Selection

Choose the right Estimating template for your building project.

Using a Building Estimating Template reduces the risk of errors in the Estimate by omitting, forgetting or incorrectly entering a price. It is common practice for Professional Building Estimators to use Templates of previous similar construction projects in costing a new project.

We have compiled a list of useful templates for you to download, alter and use. From simple Brickwork and Frame take-off templates to large scale apartment building complex templates, we have the one to suit your requirements. All of our Estimating Templates are in EXCEL format for you to alter and amend to suit your requirements.

Our vast selection of Our Building estimating Templates includes Build Cost estimates used by Professional Building companies to Tender and subsequently construct. These Estimating Templates detail the items allowed and all prices in the project. Just click on the link to our store, choose the template you require, add your details and payment and you are ready to go.

We code our Building Estimating Templates to make it easy to find the right one for you.

Professional Building Cost Estimating Template Codes:

1 – The first letter is either H, T, U, R or E. H = House, T = Townhouse, U = Unit, R = Renovation and E = Extension.

2 – The second letter is either B, Q or L. B = Budget range, Q = Quality range and L = Luxury Range

3 – The third letter is either S or D. S = Single Storey and D = Double Storey

4 – The fourth letter is either S, M or L. S = Small size, M = Medium Size and L = Large size

Example you would like to cost a medium sized single storey budget range unit.

You would look for U for Unit, B for Budget, S for Single Storey and M for Medium sized = UBSM


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