Over 1.3% of the average house building cost is in Drafting & Engineers Fee’s. Design Plans can be designed by Builders, Drafting Companies &Architects and the structural components designed by Engineers. The owner must decide which company will be right for the project proposed as each company will provide different attributes which may affect the design process. Architects usually provide complete drawing packages ready for Building permits with a strong emphasis on the visual appeal of the building. Drafting Firms usually provide a complete drawing package ready for Building permit usually with a strong emphasis on budgets and capacity of the site. Engineers are usually specialists in a particular field such as Hydraulics, Structural, Mechanical Ventilation, Geo-Technical, Civil & Acoustics. Town Planning Applications are regularly required for sub-divisions, new Homes and extensions / Renovations. Town Planning may require Historical assessments, Acoustic reports, Aborist reports, Road Traffic Reports, Engineering reports, Bushfire assessments, Building Impact Studies and many other reports or information prior to consideration of the proposed building works which your Architect, Builder or Draftsperson can help you with. For all your Drafting & Engineering enquiries contact the following national and regional suppliers.

Criteria when searching for Drafting Companies, Architects & Engineers

  • Experience of Company in works proposed
  • Affiliation with consultants required
  • Quality of drawings and documentation
  • Ability to complete drawings in time frame required
  • Reputation
  • Price
  • Approval rates

Organized Builders recommends the following suppliers for product, service and price

Thomas Anderson Design Pty Ltd is a Mornington Peninsula based design studio providing a full range of building design & associated development services to clients all over metropolitan Melbourne, the South East growth corridor & regional Victoria.

The latest technology is utilised to provide innovative designs for a wide range of projects including: single residences, multi unit developments, commercial & industrial projects, retirement villages, child minding centres and individually designed homes. 


For all your estimating requirements email :

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