Over 7.8% of the average house building cost is in the Bricks & labour to lay. Bricks & Blocks come in a variety of colors and profiles to suit almost any application including Clay, Concrete, Textured, Pressed, Wire cut, Honed, Split face and more. Bricks provide a long lasting wall cladding & usually compares quite closely to alternate light weight cladding materials. Bricks & Blocks are best purchased & supplied from the manufacturer and fitted by an experienced Bricklayer. Brick manufacturers will supply and deliver the bricks with Trucks and machines capable of placing pallets of bricks around the job site. For all your Brick enquiries contact the following national and regional suppliers. 

Criteria when searching for a Brick Manufacturer

  • Location of supplier from job site
  • Color & profile to suit specifications
  • Quality of materials
  • Ability to supply Bricks or Blocks when required
  • Availability to supply entire amount from single batch of Bricks or Blocks
  • Reputation
  • Price
  • OH&S friendly & compliant

Organized Builders recommends the following suppliers for product, service and price


For all your estimating requirements email :

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