How much does a building cost

It is difficult to give an accurate answer without having all the information required to completely estimate the building. There are many factors that can change the price of a building including location from metropolitan areas, the slope of the land, Wind ratings, Bushfire ratings, Foundation conditions, level of specifications, size and height of building and even underground pipes or trees local to the building.

With over 13 years of Building estimating experience Organized Builders has been able to create averages based upon certain factors and conditions and can provide a much more accurate estimate for the client. Generally buildings are costing the following in todays market and can be used as a rough guide to work out how much a building costs.

Budget Builder – Low quality inclusions, 300mm fall on block, “M’ class slab, single storey, 180m2 building size = $785m2

Quality Builder – Medium quality inclusions, 1000 fall on block, “M” class slab, single storey, 240m2 building size = $1085m2

Luxury Builder – High quality inclusions, 1500 fall on block, “P” class slab, double storey, 350m2 building size – $1900m2

The above prices do not allow for external works of the building such as landscaping, Pools, driveways etc.

The above prices are taken as averages over a number of jobs of similar design and may not take your projects special requirements into consideration. For a detailed estimate of the cost to complete your building email Organized Builders today


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